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Senior Project Engineer


Senior Project Engineer

Job Specification

Job Purpose

  • Manages the coordination of EPC-2 engineering, procurement and construction activities across the North Field Expansion Project Onshore (NFXP Onshore) for EPC-1, EPC-3/4, North Field South (NFS) and North Field West (NFW) and internal project team functions to ensure full cross team and project integration activities; and supports reporting and management of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provides coordination and execution support to the EPC-2 Area Division Manager, Project Manager and Division Managers
  • Manages completion of the QatarEnergyLNG Project Management System requirements and the Operations Readiness Plan. Supports change and risk management processes and manages various project action registers to ensure completion of critical activities.

  • Reporting and Relationships

    Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

    • Supports the overall management, including engineering, procurement, construction pre-commissioning and commissioning execution of a large "one of a kind" LNG Plant, specifically the Offplot scopes including associated facilities and infrastructures comprising of rundown, loading and return pipelines, LNG Tanks and associated facilities, LNG Marine berths and associated facilities.
    • Coordinates across multiple, large RPC Contracts to ensure alignment in design, execution and commissioning and start-up.
    • Coordinates pooled, functional resources to provide oversight of contractor activities and ensure completion of Company responsibilities to achieve project objectives
    • Ensures execution is planned, progressed and completed in accordance with the provisions of the EPC-2 AGREEMENT including SHES, Quality Flawless Execution, quality, costs and schedule.
    • Engages and manages multiple stakeholders and shareholders to maintain alignment with project objectives through project execution.

    Financial Dimension

    • As defined for this job level in the Delegation of Authority and/or approved budget.

    Generic Accountabilities - All Employees

    Safety Health & Environment

  • Ensures all project activities are planned, prepared and executed in strict compliance with QatarEnergy LNG Safety, Health and Environment and Quality policies, regulations, and standards, as well as the Project SHES instructions specified the EPC-2 AGREEMENT.

  • Qatarization Program

  • Contribute to the development of Qatari employees. This accountability is a condition of employment for expatriate employees.

  • Firewall Compliance

  • Ensure all activities undertaken comply with anti - trust and competition laws and the Company firewall policies and procedures.

  • Key Job Accountabilities (each unique, exclude generic)

    1. Provides leadership to the NFXP Onshore Project Safety Management System and conducts all activities in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with company polices and procedures, ensuring the welfare of personnel and the protection of assests and the environment at all times.

    2. On behlf of the EPC-2 NFXP Project Manager and Area Division Manager, leads the coordination across the functions within the EPC-2 Project Team and the supporting NFXP Onshore pooled resources to maintain team alignment and collaboration. Ensures communication of key project information within the extended project team.

    3. Leads the coordination to ensure alignment between the various NFXP Sub-Project Teams, providing information and resolving misalignment as required. Monitors interface agreement performance, highlighting and intervening in critical and underperforming interfaces to avoid any impacts to execution.

    4. In support of the EPC-2 Area Division Manager, develops the required project reporting information and coordinates / evaluates input from within the EPC-2 PMT and pooled resource organization as required. Develops presnetiations and manages the various Stakeholders and Shareholders as directed by the EPC-2 Area Division Manager.

    5. Monitors project performances, KPIs and exception reports to identify critical issues in support of overall project management. Supports resolution throught coorrdintation with the respective function managers to identify mitigation options and contingency plans. Coordinates and manages various action registers to ensure completion of tasks.

    6. Maintains compliance with the QatarEnergyLNG Project Management System by managing the completion of the requiremed deliverables, coordinating and scheduling the Gate Reviews and tracking all finding and observations to closure in accordance with requirements.

    7. With support from the Senior Operations Advisor, manages completion of the Operations Readiness Plan by ensuring assignment of all actions and monitors completion of deliverables. Holds periodic status review and highlights areas of concern fo prompt resolution. Focal point to QatarEnergy LNG OES for all aspects, including documentation related to the Operation Readiness Plan (ORP) and Interim Operations.

    8. Provides technical support of the change management process and analysis of change orders. Supports the Risk Management Program through identification of issues, risks and trends and developing and tracking action plans to mitigate. Works with the Division Managers to evaluate EPC-2 Risks, consequences and treatments to mitigate the risks in view of project strategies and tactics. Develops recommendations for the Area Division Manager to take forward to the Project Manager for consideration based on trends and issues within the EPC-2 Onshore Project.

    9. Actively participates in all phases of project executuion including design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and strat-up to ensure Flawless Start-up and reliables operations.

    Minimum Requirements


    • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Project Management or higher academic diploma such as Master's degree

    Knowledge and/or Experience

    • Minimum of 8 years of experience in a Project execution related environment within the oil and gas industry with proven project engineering experience with engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning preparation and execution.
    • Experience on large and complex, fast track green and brown field projects with multiple EPC Contracts and execution teams, in a multicultural environment.
    • Prior experience in the State Of Qatar or the Middle East would be a plus.

    Technical and Business Skills

    • Excellent written and spoken English skills.
    • Strong organisational, planning and coordination skills.
    • Strong communication, interpersonal, influencing and presentation skills.
    • Strong technical, analytical and interface skills.
    • Good time management skills.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office and experience of project management systems similar to QGPMS.

    Equal Opportunities:

    First People Solutions is committed to equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

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