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Procurement QA/QC Lead

Procurement QA/QC Lead =

=Job Specification

Job Purpose

The Procurement QA/QC Lead ensures that procurement processes adhere to quality standards, projet specifications, and contractual obligations. He/She foster robust relationships with the EPCI Contractor team and vendors, reducing risks in project materials and equipment supply.This position is crucial in assuring quality of project materials and equipment procured, enhansing procurement efficiency, minimising disruptions, and improving overall project performance.

Key Accountabilities

(Duties include but not limited to)

  • Develops and implements project procurement quality surveilance program in accordance with material and equipment criticality rating and project specifications,
  • Identifies potential risks in the procurement process and develops strategies to mitigate them effectively,
  • Coordinates COMPANY third party inspection services for Vendor inspections ,
  • Provides oversight of EPCI contractor QA/QC activities throughout the procurement phase, ensuring compliance with quality standards and project specifications,
  • Reviews EPCI contractor quality plans, procedures,vendor audit schedule , pre- inspection meeting schedule, inspection and NDT personnel qualifications, inspection assignment packages and inspection and test reports,
  • Reviews/approves vendor documentation inline with project requirements including approval of the final Manufacturing and Fabrication Books,
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the procurement, manufacturing and preservation activities by conducting performance assessments and audits on both the contractor and selected vendors,
  • Attends selected vendor meetings (pre-award, pre-inspection, in process, FAT),
  • Monitors vendor quality issues, track nonconformities, and facilitates their resolution through correction and /or corrective actions,
  • Advises and informs PMT on quality issues, status and metrics through weekly report.

Reporting and Relationships

Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

=Minimum Requirements

Technical and Business Skills

Behavioural Competencies

SHE Understanding ()

Problem Solving ()

Ethics and Integrity ()

Planning and Organizing ()

Trust and Empowerment ()

Initiative/Commitment ()

Collaborator ()

Communication and Interpersonal Skills ()

Conscientiousness ()

Attention to Detail()

Resilience ()

Supervising and Coaching Others ()


*Bachelor degree in Engineering or agreed equivalent, however any qualification, technical or knowledge requirements may be waived through relevant work experience in lieu of sufficient years in the field of Quality Management.

*Valid Quality Management System Lead Auditor certification to ISO 9001:2015

Knowledge and/or Experience

*12 years experience associated with Quality Assurance and Quality Control executing Major projects including major fabrication, manufacturing and installation of offshore assets.

*At least 5 Years previous experience managing procurement Quality Surveillance programs, using criticality ratings process and managing worldwide TPI inspection services for vendor inspection.

*Minimum 5 years experience working in the Middle east with prior experience of executing projects for the state of Qatar being a positive.

*Previous experience in purchase and quality surveillance program implementation for long lead Items.


Equal Opportunities:

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