Vacancy Details

Marketing Coordinator

  • Handling all aspects of different PR activities and strategies in order to manage the company's or their clients' public image:
  • Carrying out research to find out the strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and objectives of their clients so as to provide them with the most tailored strategy possible;
  • planning and executing publicity strategies and campaigns to promote their client's brand and activity;
  • managing the company's interaction with their clients, the media, and the general public;
  • overseeing all of their clients' printed, broadcasted, and online communications;
  • keeping clients up-to-date on new promotional opportunities and on the progress of their current PR campaigns; and
  • commissioning or undertaking relevant market research.
  • Attending networking and media events, as well as meetings with clients, suppliers, and partner organizations, to discuss the different aspects of PR campaigns and activities.
  • Drafting and distributing press releases, fact sheets, and media invites, along with any other communication destined to the media and the general public:
  • Writing concise and compelling stories for press outreach in a variety of formats.
  • Developing and cultivating strong ties with the media to help generate visibility opportunities:
  • Liaising with Journalists, influencers, and other members of the media; and
  • pitching and securing the necessary media coverage.
  • Coordinating interview requests and organizing press conferences:
  • Arranging for people in the media to cover their events or conferences; and
  • assisting with the planning and execution of press launches and other promotional events, as well as presenting new products to the press, if any.
  • Analyzing the impacts of campaigns and reporting their observations to the client.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date press list by collecting and editing the contact information of Journalists and other members of the media.
  • Following the activities of their client in order to adapt their image to their activities, as well as the latest industry developments:
  • Preventing or responding to negative media coverage.
  • Ensuring compliance with the company's bylaws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

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