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Head Project Engineer - Commissioning


Head Project Engineer - Commissioning

Job Purpose

  • Provides pre-commissioning and commissioning organization, coordination and execution support to the EPC-1 Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Division Manager and Areas Heads of Commissioning.
  • Focal point to the EPC-1 Completion and Handover Division Manager to ensure a flawless execution of the combined Pre-commissioning and Commissioning / Completion and Handover activities to secure transfer Opco - OES in accordance with the EPC-1 AGREEMENT key milestones.

  • Reporting and Relationships

    Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

    • Supports the overall management and pre-commissioning and commissioning execution of a large "one of a kind" LNG Plant, including associated facilities and infrastructures comprising of four (4) X 7.8 MTPA, sour gas processing, liquefaction trains as well as a large and complex utilities scope including a desalination plant and remineralization unit.
    • Ensures pre-commissioning and commissioning execution is planned, progressed and completed in accordance with the provisions of the EPC-1 AGREEMENT including SHES, Quality Flawless Execution, quality, costs and schedule.
    • Provides risk based evaluation of complex PCC technical, execution, administrative and personnel issues to enable the safe and timely delivery of the projects. Major challenge will be managing a large scope of work with many stakeholders and workfronts.

    Financial Dimension

    • As defined for this job level in the Delegation of Authority and/or approved budget.

    Generic Accountabilities - All Employees

    Safety Health & Environment

  • Ensures all pre-commissioning and commissioning activities are planned, prepared and executed in strict compliance with Safety, Health and Environment and Quality policies, regulations, and standards, as well as the Project SHES instructions specified the EPC-1 AGREEMENT.

  • Qatarization Program

  • Contribute to the development of Qatari employees. This accountability is a condition of employment for expatriate employees.

  • Firewall Compliance

  • Ensure all activities undertaken comply with anti - trust and competition laws and the Company firewall policies and procedures.

  • Key Job Accountabilities (each unique, exclude generic)

    1. Provides pre-commissioning and commissioning planning, coordination and execution leadership to the EPC-1 project management team, with close coordination with the heads of pre-commissioning and commissioning and systems owners.

    2. Ensure close coordination and supervision of the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities by the EPC-1 Contractor, CTJV, including sharing weekly coordination meeting and in charge of the review and approval of the related minutes of meeting and actions list.

    3. Provide close coordination with the EPC-1 Handover and Completion Division Manager and his team, as well as with the Business Division Manager to provide clear and comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting, associated skylines and dashboards to the EPC-1 PMT leadership team, that is also aligned with EPC-1 Contractor, CTJV.

    4. Focal point to EPC-1 Business/procurement team for all aspects related to Vendors mobilization (by CTJV) for pre-commissioning, commissioning, and pre-start-up activities. Review the three (3) months look-ahead plan with CTJV.

    5. Participate to the review and comment of the pre-commissioning and commissioning deliverables issued by CTJV and its Subcontractors.

    6. Participate to all Quality Flawless Execution, Un-interrupted Start-Up (UISU), SIMOPS meetings either internally to EPC-1 PMT leadership team, with QatarEnergy LNG OES and with CTJV: review minutes of meeting and follow-up on actions.

    7. At the initial stage upon mobilization and given the scope and size of the facilities to be commissioned, provide pre-commissioning and commissioning management, leadership and execution supervision for the utilities and desalination plant / remineralization unit (year 2024).

    8. Focal point to QatarEnergy LNG OES for all aspects, including documentation related to the Operation Readiness Plan (ORP) and Interim Operations.

    9. Monitors pre-commissioning and commissioning execution performances through Key Performance Indicators, metrics and exception reports to be either prepared by CTJV or within the EPC-1 team. Supports resolution through coordination with the respective the EPC-1 Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Division Manager and functional managers to identify mitigation options and contingency plans.

    10. Work closely with EPC-1 Contractor, CTJV, EPC-1 Quality, IM, handover and completion division managers to promote and develop a "paperless approach" for all activities related to pre-commissioning and commissioning.

    11. Works with the PCC Heads to evaluate EPC-1 PCC Risks, consequences and treatments to mitigate the risks in view of project strategies and tactics. Develops recommendations for the Commissioning Manager to take forward to the Project Manager for consideration based on trends and issues within the EPC-1 Onshore Project.

    Minimum Requirements


    • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Project Management or higher academic diploma such as Master's degree

    Knowledge and/or Experience

    • Minimum of 15 years of experience in a Project execution related environment within the oil and gas industry with proven experience with pre-commissioning and commissioning preparation and execution.
    • Experience on large and complex, fast track green field projects with multiple EPC Contracts and execution teams, in a multicultural environment.
    • Prior experience in the State Of Qatar or the Middle East would be a plus.

    Technical and Business Skills

    • Excellent written and spoken English skills.
    • Strong organisational, planning and coordination skills.
    • Strong communication, interpersonal and influencing skills.
    • Strong technical, analytical and interface skills.
    • Good time management skills.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office and experience of project management systems similar to QGPMS.

    Behavioural Competencies

    SHE Understanding (3)

    Quality/Quantity of Work (4)

    Ethics and Integrity (3)

    Planning and Organizing (3)

    Trust and Empowerment (3)

    Initiative/Commitment (3)

    Teamwork/Supporting Others (3)

    Interpersonal Skills (3)

    Communication and Information Sharing (3)

    Service Orientation (3)

    Innovation (3)

    Problem Solving (4)

    Job Knowledge (4)

    Supervising Others (3)

    Equal Opportunities:

    First People Solutions is committed to equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

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