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Head of Topside Execution

Head of Topsides Execution

Part A: Job Specification

Job Purpose

  • Directs the delivery of all aspects of Offshore Facilities (i.e. Greenfield WHP and Topsides and decks) design and equipment technical and execution definition, selection, and design, including planning for detailed design, procurement, installation, and testing/commissioning. Ensures technical requirements (e.g. project specifications, data sheets, etc.) developed during FEED fully implemented as per project requirements and effectively collaborates and interfaces with PMT and EPC contractor engineers and operations personnel (as required) to ensure that the Offshore Facilities scope of supply is fully integrated and optimised.

Key Accountabilities

(Duties include but not limited to)

  • Provide leadership and expertise to team, while overseeing performance of EPCI contractors, vendors and subcontractors, to ensure alignment of Offshore Facilities needs, objectives, and requirements.
  • Ensure Contractor's Topsides and Sensor Tower Platform (STP) engineering and designs comply with the contract requirements including relevant codes and standards. Provide guidance to ensure contractor compliance with management of change procedures relating to changes in contractor's design or deviations from company directives.
  • Supports NFXP Offshore Topsides & STPs Package Manager in monitoring the contractor's progress on delivery of the required documents, reviewing relevant data (narrative, charts, graphs, etc.) for monthly progress reporting and developing recovery plans as required to ensure that project costs, schedule and deliverables are met.
  • Manage Offshore Facilities engineering design in accordance with the project's change management program and own the Offshore Facilities engineering schedule and critical milestones (LLI procurement, engineered equipment procurement; ROS dates, etc.); develop and steward recovery plans to address any schedule delays and resolution of EPCI contractor's engineering claims, if any.
  • Responsible for sharing previous lessons learned and capturing lessons learned from the current project, ensuring these are shared within the organisation for future reference.
  • Coordinate preparation for the call for tenders in line with Senior Project Management approved contractual strategy, support the preparation, coordination and negotiation of the Topsides & STPs EPCI contracts in accordance with the contract and procurement strategy approved by Senior Project Management.
  • Examines contractor activities relating to Offshore Facilities ensuring plans, procedures, objectives and overall job requirements adhere to appropriate Offshore Facilities specifications, standards and design verification processes.
  • Champion initiatives with the Contractor to deliver on the project objectives; safety, quality, cost and schedule.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

  • Responsible for the delivery of all aspects of Offshore Facilities design and equipment, through completing risk based evaluation of complex technical issues, ensuring tenders are technically compliant and consistent with project goals. Maintain effective stewardship of EPCI contract deliverables in accordance with project requirements and quality expectations. Supervise the delivery (content and timing) of offshore facilities in accordance with project requirements, while maintaining relationships with stakeholders to ensure overall alignment.

Part B: Candidate Specification - Minimum Requirements


Knowledge and/or Experience

  • A high level of proficiency in written and spoken English, outstanding negotiation and interpersonal skills.Ability to analyse extensive information, anticipate contractual problems, raising issues in a timely manner to ensure risks a re mitigated anddisputes avoided.Retain and demonstrate excellent attention to detail abilities.Be a good communicator.Computer literacy involving the regular use of professional office applications and some technical applications.Self-motivated and able to adapt to changing priorities. Any qualification, technical, or knowledge requirements may be waived through relevant work experience.

  • Bachelor degree in Management, Engineering or Construction discipline however any qualification, technical or knowledge requirements may be waived through relevant work experience.
  • 15 years' experience with 10 years at the senior project engineering / engineering supervision level with overall responsibility for engineering execution. Broad and extensive knowledge of design standards, specifications, codes, appropriate safety criteria, offshore facilities & structure design, construction, operations and engineering administration.

Equal Opportunities:

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