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Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Job Specification

Job Purpose

Ensures that Engineering activities by EPC Contractor are carried in compliance with the project requirements and as per the project schedule

Key Accountabilities

(Duties include but not limited to)

  • Ensure quality of engineering deliverbales by EPC Contractor in compliance with the project requirements with deviations thoroughly documented as per the project procedures

  • Understand clearly contents of key Engineering problems as a responsible person for Engineerng execution, review priorities among those, provide lead engineers with a clear direction (action plan, priority, timeframe).

  • Ensure implementation of "NFE Replication Philosophy" in the Engineering execution

  • Make "fit for purpose" and timely decisions concerning approvals/rejections for deviations, (1) systematically referering to NFE cases as a benckmark, (2) carrying out due diligence as required, (3) taking into account both mitigation of technical risks and that for execution risks, such as impact on Procurement and Contruction activities.

  • Deliver Engineering deliverables by EPC contractor as per schedule without impacting succeeding Engineering, Proucement and Construction activities. If any delay, notify relevant entities (PMT and EPC contractor) well in advance to find a solution of work around by EPC contractor and Company.

  • Ensure quality and timely completion of Vendor Engineering by EPC contractor so that NO major technical problemes are "exported" from Vendors factories to Site for construction.
  • Ensure (1) Engineering activities are fully completed by EPC contractor's engineering operating centors as per planned schedule and (2) NO major pending engineering activities and problems are "expoerted" to EPC contractor's field engineering team.
  • Establish a strong team work within PMT Engineering team and with EPC contractor.
  • Perform thorough technical reviews of EPC contractor's technical change proposals, in particular thoses originated from NFW Pre-FEED/FEED, to facilitate a timely decision making process
  • Participate in internal and Exernal key technical reviews

  • Reporting and Relationships



    Interaction with Regulatory Bodies and other Third Parties, including Kahramaa .

    Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

    • EPC scope of work is a world class, large, complex, fast-track, multi-cultural and multi-location Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Contract executed by an EPC contractor Joint Venture, requiring the capability to provide full support to EPC contractor and clear/ concise/transparent reporting of actions and areas of concern, if any, to Senior Project Manager
    • Substantial number of Engineering deliverables "replicated" from NFE deliverbales. Facilite the "fast track" engineering execution by EPC contractor by taking the full advantage of "Replication" while performing due diligence as required to ensure engineering deliverables of quality and no export of engineering probrems to Site
    • Promote a "work as a team" approach with the EPC contractor and End-User/Operations, aimed as to build strong relationship and facilitate timely completion and hand-over of the facilities, while being firm when EPC Contractor is not meeting its contractual obligations.
    • Supervise Lead Discipline Engineers to make professional Engineering judgements taking into account both (1) quality of engineering design and deliverbales and its compliance with Contract and (2) risks in execution (for exemple, schedule impacts on procurement and construction due to delay in engineernig resoutuion), while making sure no compromise in the integrity of the permanent facilities and its production throughout the design life.
    • It is anticipated that a number of major technical changes would arise in the second half of 2024 or even 2025 from NFW Pre-FEED/FEED (low maturity on Scope of Work, more than 2-3 years behind NFS Onshore EPC in terms of execution phasing and schedule) for review and eventual implementation into NFS Onshore Project (high maturity on Scope of Work with 20% Engineering progress as of End April 2024, direct impacts ancitipated on Engienering, Prorucement and Construction). Engineering Manager should be capable of timely (1) evaluating impacts on Engneering execution on NFS Onshore, (2) making technical judgements whether or not to implenet and if yes how to implement, (3) leading such evaluation and technical judgements with EPC contractor and CPY PMT Engineering team.

    Minimum Requirements

    Technical and Business Skills

    • Excellent written and spoken English.
    • Strong technical, analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Strong organisational, planning and interface skills.
    • Strong leadership, influencing and interpersonal skills.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs, etc.

    Behavioural Competencies

    SHE Understanding (4)

    Quality/Quantity of Work (4)

    Ethics and Integrity (4)

    Planning and Organizing (4)

    Trust and Empowerment (3)

    Initiative/Commitment (3)

    Teamwork/Supporting Others (4)

    Interpersonal Skills (4)

    Communication and Information Sharing (4)

    Service Orientation (3)

    Innovation (3)

    Problem Solving (4)

    Job Knowledge (4)

    Supervising Others (3)


    Knowledge and/or Experience

    Bachelors' degree in an Engineering discipline.

    • 6 years' experience within industrial safety and loss prevention in the oil and gas industry of which 4 years in a major LNG project/ production facilities.
    • Experienced in risk assessments, safe systems of work, and emergency procedures, preferably in a major project environment.
    • Good command in the following risk, process safety and design aspects:
      • HAZID, HAZOP, Bow Tie Analysis, Physical Effects Modelling.
      • Quantitative Risk Assessments.
      • Hazardous area classification and layout safety.
      • Fire and Gas detection.
      • Active fire fighting.
      • Passive fire protection.
      • Escape, Evacuation, Mustering and Emergency Response.
      • Developing Design Safety Case.

    Equal Opportunities:

    First People Solutions is committed to equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

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