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Electrical Engineering Lead

Electrical Lead

Part A: Job Specification

Job Purpose

The Compression Electrical Lead shall provide electrical engineering support to offshore projects (Greenfiled, Brownfield Modifications) during detailed design of EPC contracts. When required to support other Compression EPCs in order to ensure technical documents compliance with project requirements for the delivery of all aspects of Electrical system design and equipment technical and execution definition, selection, and design, including planning for Detailed Design, Procurement, Installation, and Testing / Commissioning. Ensures that related technical requirements (e.g. project specifications, data sheets, etc.) developed during EPC fully comply with project requirements. Effectively collaborates and interfaces with Facilities Team and EPC contractor engineers and Operations personnel (as required) to ensure that the Electrical system scope of supply is fully integrated and optimized. Provides oversight of the EPC contractor's, and, as required, Vendor's and/or Engineering Subcontractor's production of associated deliverables within project budget and schedule.

Key Accountabilities

(Duties include but not limited to)

1.Coordinate the activities of the EPC contractors, vendors and subcontractors, if required, to ensure quality assurance and production timing of the Electrical deliverables is in accordance with the approved project execution schedule and budget.

2.Support tendering process for EPC ITTs and develop EPC ITT packages for electrical discipline for future EPC projects in accordance with the approved project execution schedule and budget.

3.Support various EPC PMTs by reviewing documents and/or attending workshops/meetings when requested to ensure quality timing of electrical deliverables is in accordance with the approved project execution schedule and budget.

4.Analyse technical attachments and scope description of all electrical related purchase orders to ensure compliance with scope description in related contracts.

5.Maintains close liaison with Electrical Leads, Head of Facilities and Facilities Team counterparts and gains alignment on Electrical system engineering needs, objectives, and requirements.

6.Responsible for being knowledgeable of lessons learned from previous projects with the same contractor and capturing and communicating Electrical system engineering and design lessons learned for the current project.

7.Assesses Contractor capability and ensures Electrical system engineering or other technical support is available to address gaps if required.

8.Stewards the Electrical system engineering schedule and critical milestones (LLI procurement, engineered equipment procurement; ROS dates, etc); develops and stewards recovery plans to address any schedule delays.

9.Verifies that the EPCs Contractor provides all contract documents for Electrical system scope, including those referred to in the contract if required.

10.Verifies that the EPCs Contractor to controls the Electrical system scope, i.e. accurate and timely progress measurement and reporting if required.

Job Context & Major

Part B: Candidate Specification - Minimum Requirements

Technical and Business Skills

Strong organizational and technical judgment skills

Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities

Make decisions in the general interest while pursuing business results

Excellent communication skills and ability to read, write, and speak fluent English

Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs, Advanced computer literacy.

Willing and able to travel as required


Bachelors' degree or equivalent.

Knowledge and/or Experience

15 years' overall experience, 10 years' relevant experience with 5 years in a Lead Electrical engineering level with overall responsibility for engineering execution of large offshore projects. Broad and extensive knowledge of design standards, specifications, codes, appropriate safety criteria, offshore facilities and electrical design, construction, operations, and engineering administration.

Bachelors or Masters Degree in related Electrical engineering discipline

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