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Date Posted: 01-10-2013
Job Type: Perm
Area: Middle East
Salary: Negotiable tax free + benefits
Duration: Permanent
Location: Qatar


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Methanol & Utility Process Technician-II

To operate the filed equipments in the assigned production units of Methanol & Utility complex, comprising of Reformer, Synthesis, Distillation, Boiler, Air & Nitrogen Plant, DM plant, Off sites and Product loading station (Jetty) to have safe and reliable plant operation. Regularly check the equipments / gauges / indicators, record parameter deviations and report anomalies to Process Controller / Shift Engineer.

Minimum Qualifications:
 Secondary School Certificate. Technical Diploma from a recognized institute is preferred.
Minimum Experience:
 7 years’ relevant plant operational experience as field operator in a large Methanol or Ammonia plant. Experience should include training in and exposure to the following areas of plant operations: Steam reformer, methanol / ammonia synthesis, Distillation, Steam generation, Water treatment, Product terminal (Jetty), fire water and sea water system
Required skills:
 Thorough understanding of all relevant operational processes involved in various units of MeOH & Utility production process.
 Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures and work permit practices.
 Thorough understanding of field instrumentation.
 Basic understanding of routine maintenance tasks.
 Basic understanding of relevant operational control limits and tolerances related to world size MeOH plant.
 English Language (spoken and written)
 Awareness of Health & Safety Systems
 Knowledge in Quality Management Systems
 Time Management
 Knowledge on Environmental Management Systems
 PC
 Maintenance Principles